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I’ve been in the IT industry over 25 years now. I’ve tested dozens of VPNs’ on Windows, Linux, Android, MAC, and iPhone. I chose this company for my personal/business VPN and Email solutions. After about 10 years working for Fortune 50 companies, I went into business for myself. I started a Cyber Security business. It went very well, except I became a hacker’s target.

My social media accounts, my email accounts, and other online accounts were constantly being comprised. In 2007, there were not many 2 step authentication security methods. I was an easy target, even with very complicated passwords. I tried Free VPN after Free VPN. Every VPN you can find on Google Play, Apple Store, & Microsoft Apps that are in the top 10 today,  I’ve extensively tested. There were good weeks but mostly struggled for a couple of years getting hacked. My devices and networks were as protected as I could afford. The VPN connections would get knocked down daily. My machines would be compromised and I was spending over 50% of my time rebuilding and re-imaging computers, servers,  and smartphones

I needed a new solution and I found the TOR Project. Tor is a wonderful and private network. It’s ideal for home use. It’s not designed for high-speed business computing. It’s sort of the price you pay for privacy and security. I figured out my home privacy and security solution is TOR. I really needed one for business.


I tried a couple of new paid VPN services that claimed they had TOR embedded. There are 2 ways Tor can run with a VPN. Tor can run over or under the VPN. Technically there are differences, but it comes down to how bad your ISP is, in terms of selling your data and forcing their DNS servers on you. They don’t like TOR! The Tor/VPN solutions I was paying for became time-consuming for configuration and again just too slow. So, the TOR/VPN paid ones were also no good.


Finally, I found ProtonVPN. It never came up in my years of searches and when I finally found it, I immediately started with their free VPN.


It was amazing and held up without getting knocked down! That stands to this date, not one instance have I been hacked or compromised running the ProtonVPN! The ultimate test for me is to leave on an Android device overnight. I would leave a couple of devices on without a firewall, with public IP addresses, and leaving cellular, if available, and WiFi-enabled. Then see what kind of state the devices are in the next morning! I would check the system logs and well as a hidden tools logs, I had installed on the devices. Within a couple of minutes, I would know if the devices were compromised or not, since they bare-boned factory default type devices. It’s not very technical, but I’m 99% sure if the VPN is still holding the next morning in a hazardous IT environment, that is your winner!


Sure enough, ProtonVPN is now running on all my devices and I’m loving it. It’s cost-effective and has paid me back 10 fold, in terms of what I would have lost without it.


They have secure servers all over the planet. Their facilities are physically hardened too. It’s not just the super-strong protocols and hardening of their Virtual Private Networks. They offer a standard VPN server in a choice of countries all over the globe. A Secure Core VPN that gives you an entry VPN server in 1 country and an exit VPN server in another country of your choice! Then, there are the P2P VPN servers which are awesome and so fast sharing files and downloading torrents. The Secure Core is my personal favorite for business! The TOR VPN is my favorite for personal! That works out great since I get both of those VPN server choices in 1 package or up to 5 devices! For around 10 bucks, it’s a no brainer for me.


The VPN services they offer are simple downloads with no configuration needed. Normally it’s tricky to set up OpenVPN on Linux and even harder to set it up on Windows. I personally have never seen the Secure Core 2 server VPN anywhere. If it is available somewhere else, I wouldn’t even attempt the install and configure it, and I’m an IT pro-veteran! Proton’s is seamless and idiot-proof! 1 Click and you can be anonymous on the Tor network! With a couple of clicks, you can have the 2 servers Secure Core VPN service start at device boot up and be random at every boot, fully automatic! Those settings are plentiful. You can have your Windows computer startup with ProtonVPN fastest TOR server available at the time, every time. I like the random 2 servers Secure Core feature. It’s random and they are all fast, to be honest. Once you choose the connections you like, you don’t have to touch a thing ever again. If you want to, it’s 2 clicks away!


ProtonVPN is the easiest, most private, and most secure VPN service available. It’s not a household name, but I guarantee it will be. Keep your eye on this company. They are involved in the next VPN technology that’s not on the market yet.


If you’re not ready to purchase, try the 30-day trial. They don’t stick it to you if you decide not o keep it. Their support is English speaking and always available.


If you don’t want the trial, at the least get their FREE VPN service plan. It doesn’t have the features I described, but still ahead of the rest of the pack.


ProtonAG also has a state of the art encrypted email service. One of the most streamlined Android & IOS mail apps I’ve ever used. Encrypted email is available for all platforms. Encryption takes place seamlessly in the background, no need to be a super computer wiz. Free & paid plans.


Updated October-2019



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