Cybersecurity essentials for IT pros, researchers and malware enthusiasts

cybersecurity essentials for it pros, researchers, and malware enthusiasts

Essentials for IT professionals, researchers, and malware enthusiasts

Video #1: How to Decrypt Ransomware

Using the Jigsaw ransomware family as an example, this video discusses the concept of data encryption and possible decryption techniques. The video explores a variety of decryption methods, including free decryption tools, analyzing memory dumps, and using assisted brute force to crack poorly implemented ransomware.


Video #2: Best Malware Analysis Tools

In the second video in the series, Leo highlights the best free software for analyzing malware. From beginner-friendly tools to sophisticated applications designed for advanced researchers, the video covers a wide range of programs that can be used to analyze new .exe files and find malicious processes. The video discusses dynamic analysis tools such as Process Explorer, Autoruns, Process Monitor, Regshot, and OllyDbg, as well as static analysis tools such as PeStudio, dnSpy, and Ghidra.


Video #3: Advanced VirusTotal Tutorial

VirusTotal is a favorite free online service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and automatically shares malware samples with the wider cybersecurity community. This video explains how to use VirusTotal’s advanced functions to obtain more comprehensive insight into a suspected threat.


Video #4: Windows 10 Hardening

This video concentrates on how users can configure Windows 10 to degrade a system’s attack surface. The video addresses a range of easy-to-implement methods, including using the principle of least privilege, configuring system updates, disabling optional features, and adjusting multiple settings in Windows Security to increase the elasticity of the operating system.


Video #5: Threat Hunting Tutorial

This video renders a complete overview of the diverse models of threat hunting, including investigating actual threats within an organization, proactively hunting threats on the Internet utilizing tools like YARA rules, and applying traps in a sandbox environment to expose threats.






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