Let’s start fresh in 2019

Disinformation, hackers, scammers, online pedophiles, & other online threats have not peaked as of yet.

Online social media outlets, forums, bulletin boards, blogs, etc. are just starting to recognize how deep, influential, and destructive Social Media can be. Essentially, we had the past 2 decades of Social Media uprise with “0”{zero} accountability or transparency until now.

“FATALITY”+ or “FANG”, I’ve been using “FATALITY+”[facebook, apple, twitter,amazon,linkedin,instagram, Tumblr, youtube]+ There have to better anagrams out there!

FATALITY+ is a better anagram than FANG. It should incorporate any online tech company with at least a million logins per day.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Remove accounts you don’t use often. They are not worth the privacy and security risks if you are not a daily user.
  • Try to be open where you get your news and other information from. If you are a “facebook only person”, open a Twitter account. If you are a CNN news daily TV viewer, spend some time watching FOX news.
  • Start using 2 step-authentication for your online accounts. Most major Social Media, your banking websites, many apps, your Gmail and iPhone accounts all should have strong passwords with 2 step authentication enabled. All this simply means, is there is an additional layer of security when logging in. For example, Your Username, Your password, then you receive a code to your cell phone via text. There are multiple 2 step-authentication methods and text is probably the easiest, but not the strongest.
  • iPhone and Android both have AGE restrictions when you set up your children’s phones. This is very important to do when you get them a new phone for the holidays.
  • Most Social Media outlets have the ability to let us report or flag inappropriate content. In my opinion, the only way these Social Media giants can survive is with the help each and every one of their users. This means, you and I. If you see an inappropriate post on facebook, REPORT IT. If you see hate speech or racially biased comments in tweets, REPORT IT. When we suspect that someone posting “questionable” content may be fake, report it. The importance of this, that I hope you take away, is doing this to help the future of the Internet and Social Media. Even if you are not offended or even sympathize with something you know is inappropriate or wrong, REPORT IT. If we all don’t do our little part, the Internet and Social Media will become a waste of time, full of fake trash news, uncontrollable popups, pornography, gambling, email inbox full of spam, and the complete loss of our privacy.
  • There are many resources on the Internet to help you and kids stay safer online.
  • The Federal Trade Commission is very good ONLINE RESOURCE.

  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/onlinesafety001/for the latest Online Safety resources. They offer FREE assistance and consultation via email. If you need help setting up your children’s Smartphone, they will assist totally FREE. Check back with ComputingProactive.org the first week in 2019, as there will be live agents available to chat and many new features and resources to make us all safer through the New Year and beyond.
  • If you have concerns about purchasing a computer, tablet, or Smartphone for your child, feel free to email us, we will help you get the most cost-effective device for your needs. We have special arrangements with major vendors and distributors, giving us wholesale prices on new, used, refurbished, and scratch & dent devices. We can beat any national retailer’s price.
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    • Note: This is not someone trying to sell you anything. This is completely FREE and vendor neutral. You will not be influenced or pressured on what to buy. This service is to better your online experience while making us all more secure and safe.

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