Microsoft Office is merging Word, Excel and PowerPoint together on iOS, Android

Microsoft Office is merging Word, Excel and PowerPoint together on iOS, Android


Microsoft’s new Office app will combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one app. Microsoft 

Want to put Microsoft Office’s  on an ios or Android device? Soon you won’t have to download individual versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in order to use them. 

In an announcement from its Ignite conference in Orlando on Monday, Microsoft revealed that it’s beginning to publicly test a new version of the Office app that will combine the three popular apps into one main, centralized Office app. 

In the new app — which is available now as a public preview on Android or as a beta through Apple’s iOS Test Flight program — you’ll be able to create new documents, presentations or spreadsheets as well as edit and view existing documents. You’ll also be able to “snap a picture of a document” and make it into an editable Word file, create and sign PDFs or “transform tables from a printed page into an Excel spreadsheet.”

Microsoft’s individual apps have been popular on mobile. All three rank in the top 25 productivity apps on iOS’ Top Charts for the category, while each app has been downloaded over 1 billion times on Android. 

Google, however, has been providing strong competition to Microsoft on mobile with its Docs, Slides and Sheets all ranking higher on iOS. 

Microsoft says the new Office mobile app will not be replacing the existing three individual apps. “We know some users may only need to use one of the apps, and it is the consumer’s choice to install the app that best fits their needs,” a company spokesperson tells CNET. “However, if you use all of the core apps, we recommend using this new Office app, as it means you only need to install one app – and it will actually take up less space.”

The public, general release for the new app will take place in the “first half of next year.”


CNET, Eli Blumenthal



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