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We’re partnering with Mozilla to bring online privacy to more people

Posted on October 22nd, 2018 by ProtonVPN Admin in Articles & News.


Our core mission is protecting privacy and security online. Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, strongly aligns with this mission and we’re proud to partner with them to help more people stay safe.

Back in 2014, we built ProtonMail to make online privacy a reality again for millions of people around the world. When it comes to fighting for online security and privacy, we have a long track record. Whether it is challenging governments, educating the public, or training journalists, we’re committed to developing and distributing the tools to stay safe online. The ProtonVPN project was born out of a desire to better protect the activists and journalists that use ProtonMail.

Since then, ProtonVPN’s audience has expanded substantially, and today we protect nearly one million users from all around the world. However, as there are over three billion Internet users, we still have a long way to go towards providing better online security for all. Today, we are excited to be working with Mozilla on an experiment to introduce ProtonVPN to a wider audience.

ProtonVPN and Firefox

These days, there is a tendency for companies to violate user privacy (and security) for greater profits. There are not so many organizations out there that share our unwavering commitment to user privacy. This is what makes Mozilla so unique. Through their open source projects such as the Firefox web browser, Mozilla has long advocated strong security practices and has been a leading voice in fighting for privacy rights. In short, Mozilla’s principles and values align closely with our own. We believe strongly in the work they do, and in the importance of ensuring that work continues.

The Mozilla and ProtonVPN partnership is an experiment in finding new ways to keep Internet users safe while simultaneously ensuring that open source and non-profit software development gets the resources that it deserves. As part of this experiment, a small group of randomly selected US-based Firefox users will be shown a recommendation to get better online privacy with a ProtonVPN subscription. These subscriptions will be billed directly by Mozilla and the majority of the revenue from these subscriptions will go to Mozilla, directly supporting Mozilla’s mission.

Even though Mozilla will process these subscriptions, users who subscribe to the service through Mozilla will still receive the exact same software and benefits that come with our ProtonVPN Plus subscription. From a customer support perspective, we will also be fully supporting Mozilla ProtonVPN users, and Mozilla’s subscribers will receive a 30-day money back guarantee, just like ProtonVPN’s subscribers do.

Partnering with Mozilla

We’re excited about this partnership because it furthers our shared goal of making the Internet a safer place. If the experiment goes well, then we may expand it and we can potentially offer ProtonVPN to over 300 million Mozilla users, significantly increasing security and privacy around the world.

We feel strongly that Mozilla is the right partner to further ProtonVPN’s mission. In working with them to develop this partnership, we witnessed Mozilla’s dedication to privacy and security. The extent of their vetting of ProtonVPN impressed us in particular. In addition to checking our system architecture, infrastructure, and no-logging policies, the Mozilla security team also took a detailed look at the specific cryptography that we utilize to encrypt user traffic. There was also an on-site visit to our main office in Geneva, Switzerland. You can find more details in Mozilla’s blog post.

We are looking forward to this experiment and bringing ProtonVPN to a wider audience while simultaneously supporting Mozilla’s mission.

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Originally posted October 22nd, 2018 by ProtonVPN Admin in Articles & News

We’re partnering with Mozilla to bring online privacy to more people


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