PRIVACY ALERT-You may could be being watched and listened to: APPLE – FACETIME

Apple IOS was either alerted or found a bug in their IOS code. It allows Facetime callers to listen to you and watch you without your knwoing

Normally, hacker code is created and embedded into an action in a website you visit. I

If you are not using a safe browser, Mozilla Firefox, Open Source Chromium, or the ultimate “TOR BROWSER” , you are susceptible to threats just surfing the web. These browsers won’t save you from everything, you need to add extensions or addon, HTTPS EVERYWHERE by EFF.ORGor a Script Bocker.

Even with the right browser and the proper add-ons, you are never 100% safe, but it’s critical to use the right browser and add-ons or extensions.

This a Apple bug was not the act of a hacker, at least that’s how it looks science . Sometimes, code is not tested extensively or everythinglooked fine in the lab.

When the device gets to market, these bugs come out. Sometimes,,there just is no ryme or reason. Code, is not exact cience and testing in a lab, is not the same as the entire glove.

This is why we have updates, patches, and firmware updates. Apple is aware anf will have a fix available in the next few days.

The Facetime caller can not only listen to you and see your back camera view, if you press power to mute a facetime call it will engage your front camera too! Your privacy is at risk!

Basically, the caller is able to do this by adding themselves to a facetime group about a half second before you pick up.

So, until Apple has this fix, I’d say disable Facetime all together

Stay Safe!



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