Sky Illuminated over Queens, NY , NYPD-ALIENS?

The night of December 27th, 2018 the sky over southern Queens, New York was illuminated with a bright white light! The NYPD & Federal agencies received dozens of 911 calls that the aliens are coming!

The sky over southern Queens New York was illuminated with a bright white and blue light. Some say it was beautiful, others were scared thinking another terrorist attack, and a few even called 911 saying we were being invaded by aliens!

It turned out to be a transformer near LaGuardia Airport that seemed to have arched and blown. A transformer is a device the electric utility companies use to increase or decrease voltage that runs on the wiring across telephone poles we see everywhere.

The transformers fail and “explode” often. It happens usually during storms and sometimes lighting strikes. It’s becoming more and more common due to the depreciating electric infrastructure in the U.S. Putting lighting strikes and storms aside, the most common reason is old wiring that runs across the telephone poles.

The bluish-white hue is very bright and lights up the entire sky. If you are within approxamately a half mile, you will also hear the transformer “exploding”. It’s a very loud pop. Sometimes following the pop, there is a loud electrical buzz for a couple seconds.

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis  is a beautiful natural phenomenon. A transformer failing and exploding is pretty sight, a man-made phenomenon!