Stay safe online & hide your data from being sold

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Safe, secure, reliable, & easy FREE VPN. It’s available for all devices and has a nice and simple interface.

You can choose VPN servers in many different secure sites around the world. This hides your identity, location, and IP address.

Since their corporate office is based in Switzerland, they don’t have to & won’t give your info to a 3rd party or law enforcement. This is not to hide crimes from the FBI, it’s to protect you and your data.

They don’t collect your data or browsing habits & purposely do not keep logs.

Using a VPN is like being someone else, somewhere else.

If you’re concerned about social media collecting and selling your data, this is a must.

Once, you register and install it, then make a couple of settings changes, and then you never have to think about again. It can start up automatically when you turn on your device, WiFi, or cellular connection

I’m partnered with them, due to their strict net neutrality & online privacy focus.

ProtonVPN has recently partnered with Mozilla, also a major advocate of online freedom and censorship.

The developers and founders are some of the top programmers to graduate from M.I.T., Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon, one of the best Computer Science Universities in the world.

There are literally hundreds of VPN services available. I’ve tested dozens over 15 years and this is the best one.

They have a unique VPN setup that runs on the TOR network. TOR is an anonymous technology that changes your identity every 10 minutes silently, making it impossible to identify you.

There are less than 5 of these available commercially and by far ProtonVPN is #1.

They are the only one with 24/7 English speaking competent support personnel.

Communist ?? China does not allow VPNs in their country period. That should tell you why you should have it.