Disco: Ubuntu 19.04 Release Dates

ubuntu 19.04 realease dates 2019

Ubuntu 18.10 is released and it’s time to start looking for the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04.

If you prefer, you can check what Ubuntu 19.04 and its features look like in this video.

Ubuntu 19.04 Codename

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If you have read my earlier article about the Linux distributions’ naming trivia, you probably already know that each release of Ubuntu is codenamed with two words starting with the same letter. These letters are in the alphabetical order. So after Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, you had Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish.

The first word is usually an adjective and the second word is a (usually endangered) species.

Disco is more of a noun than adjective but apparently, there are use cases where it could be used as an adjective.

Dingo is a type of dog native to Australia. It’s not an endangered species but at least it’s a real animal. If Ubuntu were going for a fancy name with fictional animals, Disco Dragon would have been a lot more fun in its own way.

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Ubuntu 19.04 Release Date

Ubuntu 19.04 will be released on 18th April 2019. Here’s the official release schedule for Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo:

  • Feature freeze: February 21, 2019
  • UI freeze: March 14, 2019
  • Kernel freeze: April 1, 2019
  • Beta release date: March 28, 2019
  • Final release date: April 18, 2019

Like all the non-LTS releases, Ubuntu 19.04 will follow a 26-week schedule and will be released on 18 April, 2019.

Have you ever noticed that a new Ubuntu version is released on Thursdays only?

What new features are coming to Ubuntu 19.04?

Since Ubuntu 19.04 is still under development, there are not many confirmed feature changes. I’ll update this section as I get more news on the Ubuntu 19.04 features.

For the moment, have a look at the the confirmed, proposed and expected features in Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo.

Not really a feature but I thought I’ll share it with you. This is the default wallpaper in Ubuntu 19.04. You can see the mascot Disco Dingo clearly in the background.

You can download this wallpaper from the link below:

1. The default Yaru theme supports more applications

One of the main features of Ubuntu 18.10was the shiny new default theme called Yaru. However, the theme didn’t support icons for a number of third-party applications. The regular icons of these applications didn’t blend with the rest of the theme.

Thankfully, Yaru is now extended and supports more third-party applications. As you can see in the image below, things look a lot prettier now:

yaru icon theme in ubuntu 19.04
Yaru icon theme in Ubuntu 19.04. Image Source

2. GNOME 3.32

GNOME 3.32 is the default desktop environment in Ubuntu 19.04. While GNOME 3.32 has plenty of new features, you won’t get all of them in the customized version of GNOME provided by Ubuntu.

For example, fractional scaling for HiDPI feature of GNOME 3.32 is still hidden in Ubuntu 19.04. The improvement in GNOME Software will also be not present in Ubuntu Software Center. The icons and themes are clearly replaced by Ubuntu’s own custom Yaru theme.

The good thing is that Ubuntu 19.04 has retained some of the features of earlier version of GNOME such as the global app menu.

Some of the next few features listed here are actually from GNOME 3.32.

  • Android like application permission control
  • Folders on desktop
  • Granular control on the night light
  • Sound settings revamped

3. Linux Kernel 5.0

Ubuntu 19.04 uses Linux Kernel 5.0 so you can expect better hardware support and performance improvement specially if you have additional graphics card.

4. Android integration is not coming to Ubuntu 19.04

You have probably heard of KDEConnect. It’s an app that lets you manage your Android device from your desktop. With KDEConnect you can receive phone notifications on your desktop computer and reply to messages. Control desktop volume and music from your phone. Share files and links between your phone and the desktop. 

It was developed by KDE team and naturally, it integrates very well with KDEdesktop.

Ubuntu 19.04 was supposed to have have similar functionality with GSConnect but that’s not happening. You may still achieve this today in Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10 but you have to make additional efforts for that.

You may expect better power management, better boot time with new compression algorithms among other things.

ubuntu 19.04 disco dingo fan made wallpaper
Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Fan Made Wallpaper

Digital Artist Sylvia Ritter has created this mesmerizing wallpaper of Disco Dingo. You can download this wallpaper from her DeviantArt page.


Download Ubuntu 19.04 Daily Builds


Since Ubuntu 19.04 is still under development, please don’t use it on your main system or production machine. I would suggest installing VirtualBox or using VMWare for testing this release at the moment.

Ubuntu 19.04 daily build ISO can be downloaded from the link below:


Do you like Ubuntu 19.04 so far?

I’ll update this article when I learn about other new features in Ubuntu 19.04. If you stumble across some useful information in this regard, please send me a message through this page.

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